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Face Washing 101 – The Many Facets to Having Great Skin

We are all so different in terms of our skin, from what color our pigmentation is, to whether we will have freckles, moles, or even patchy spots. Some of us are born with port-wine stain birthmarks, and others have tan colored birthmarks that show up in places that are just plain awkward. Some of us get acne constantly, even into adulthood, while others are blessed with the creamy glowing complexion of a forest sorceress. Regardless how you were born, or what condition your skin is in right this moment, there’s tips you can gain from learning the best way to take care of it. For those suffering from dermal issues, products like Skin Whitening Forever can make a drastic impact on the ability to feel better about yourself and look better too. Continue reading

The Importance of Facials & At Home Recipes

Though the entire world goes through periods of recession, and people everywhere are cutting back on expenses they deem frivolous, facials should never be one of them. Just as a dentist is needed for good regular dental hygiene, so too does your skin need a facial to ward off skin concerns like acne breakouts, dry skin, itchy skin, patchy skin, dark spots, or an overage of blackheads. By allowing yourself a facial at least once a month, you provide a pre-emptive strike against any nasty skin conditions, and allow your face to glow with good health. Since your face is the first thing anyone ever sees upon meeting you, it says plenty about your overall health and also gives the appearance of confidence because you take care of yourself. Continue reading

Why Labeling and Social Stigmas Are Harmful

Society is known for putting expectations on people based on a preconceived notion that is formed within moments of seeing a person. They label and identify the person based on things they are only looking at through visual cues, often having to do with weight, skin tone, or economic background. Though those are the most predominant indicators for labeling, they’re not the only ones, but all are potentially harmful to a person’s self esteem and psyche. There are many studies that have been done on why the general public; humanity on the whole, is prone to judging a person before they actually know anything about someone. One such study examined a popular comedy, Seinfeld, which poked fun at things like a person’s psychological issues or dermatological issues. Though the show is satire at its finest, it creates an unhealthy atmosphere through which people gain an idea about a group or groups of people through a stereotype that is promoted through a show that is watched by people worldwide. Though we realize that it is done through humor, we don’t have any conscious control over how it makes us view other people as a result. This has long reaching consequences for others who suffer from condition they have no control over, and wish they were born without. Continue reading

The Support For Sunscreen

When we’re young, we don’t give much thought to the fact that the skin we’re in is what we are stuck with, and if we damage it or abuse it now, we won’t enjoy the healthy glow later. Crowds of people go to the beach, or grill outside during the summer months, completely devoid of sunscreen either because they don’t think it’s a big deal, or they look at it like something extra to do. Maybe they don’t want their skin to feel greasy, or they aren’t willing to carry a beach bag.  In every case, people who go out under the sun without protection are only increasing their chances of developing skin cancers of varying levels, as well as skin that looks like wrinkled leather and spots on the face in later years. It can also result in dark spots on the skin, and to sensitive skinned people, to hyperpigmentation of skin, which are troublesome to get rid of..

Regardless of what skin type you have, there are plenty of sunblocks available to you that will not adversely affect breakouts, particularly if you’re prone to acne. Mineral based sunscreens will clog your pores, so they’re the best ones to stay away from, looking instead to chemical based sunscreens. A good sunscreen for acne prone people is La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios (SPF40) which uses the active ingredient mexoryl sx, which gives the most photo stable UVA protection without clogging pores which lead to breakouts.  If you’re active in the summer, you’ll want one that is more lightweight and durable, which won’t disappear as you sweat.  A good one for active people is Beyond Coastal Active (SPF 30) which applies fast and is lightweight and dry to the touch. It uses all natural ingredients that are safe for your skin, and avoids the dangerous chemical oxybenzone. Continue reading

Self Criticism Is Just a Way To Trap Yourself

While some people may be self critical out loud to friends or family, it might seem like it’s just attention seeking or them fishing for a compliment. That might be partially true, but there’s a deep underlying reason for their lack of self confidence, and that is what should be addressed.  Being self critical is all a state of mind, and can be altered even if you’ve never thought much of yourself up until the point you’re at right now. Some of us suffer from uneven skin, body parts that aren’t symmetrical, and others from issues that are inside and invisible, that we wouldn’t even notice by looking at them, but still makes them feel an inch tall. The real issue is that the person others see, is not the same person they see when they look into a mirror.

Being self critical is sabotaging the ability to move forward in positive ways because you have already closed every door to your future with negative thinking.  If you don’t believe something can or will happen because you want it badly enough, it just won’t happen. This critical attitude can be felt by all those around you, and they respond to it as you expect with negativity, or by you not getting the promotion at work. Maybe you don’t go out as much as your friends, have a partner to spend your life with, or even have that many friends at all.  Opportunities pass you by, and it only serves to fuel the self hatred and support your own theory that others feel just as critical of you as you do yourself.  This can be changed, it just takes a bit of time and serious effort. Continue reading

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